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Magic Lessons

The Plan:
Learn a little bit here.
Get excited (Yippie!) And call or e-mail regarding private lessons!

Until that overwhelming need to call for lessons takes hold,
please enjoy these "classics".

Spot Card Trick

First you must make a double-sided card as shown in figure 1. You can glue two pieces of paper onto light cardboard, or draw directly on the cardboard using a felt pen. To Perform: Place your fingers over the bottom dot (figure 2). Show the card and say, “Here is the ace!” – cover the middle spot on the other side (Figure 4), as you turn the card over and say, “and here is the four!” Hold the card as in figure 3 as you turn it back and say, “and here is the 3!” For the finale, hold the card as in figure 5, turning it over and saying, “And here is the six!”

Vanishing Coin Trick

To Perform: Tell your friends that you will make a coin disappear. Pick the coin up and rub it on your right elbow with your left hand. As you begin to rub the coin let it drop to the floor. Pick it up with your right hand and pretend to place it into your left hand, but actually keep the coin hidden in your right hand. Now when you place your right hand up next to your neck, drop the coin down your shirt and pretend to rub the coin on your right elbow with your left hand again. Since all your friends will be watching your left hand, just slowly open your left hand and show that the coin has vanished. Remember… don’t tell your friends how you do it!

Check back periodically for trick updates!