He punawai kahe wale ke aloha
“Love is a spring that flows boundlessly”

This Hawaiian proverb expresses my vision for all of us . . .

Aloha, I am Rev. Ka'imi, and I give thanks that, every day, my work gives me the opportunity to proclaim and celebrate love as the deepest meaning and purpose of life.

Ceremonies celebrate life’s passages and provide the opportunity to join with others to honor and give thanks for what we value in life. Most of all, ceremonies set life’s course for the deepest fulfillment of our highest hopes.

When we speak our truth of love, and give thanks for our blessings, we are experiencing the love and joy that, in deepest essence, is what we are. This is also powerful way to bring more of what we love into our lives. It is my joy to serve in creating celebrations of love.

  • I can provide a keepsake copy of your ceremony on Hawaiian-print paper
  • I offer a choice of ceremonies, and also enjoy customizing a unique ceremony
  • The vows spoken can be traditional, modern, or custom-written

Any questions?
Please call me anytime at (808) 372-2082 / e-mail: mknaloha@yahoo.com

It is my joy to serve.

Rev. Ka’imi Nicholson
Mahalo nui loa.